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I am Leo the Colorman!
I live in rainbows, fantasy dreamer, beauty pusher,
color wheel rider, painter of tones, shades, shadows,
textures, pattern, sweetness, sorrow, love and desire,
victory, defeat, comedy, satire, tragedy, slapstick,
spring green, summer red, autumn brown, winter grey,
true blue, lemon yellow, pink cheeks, plaid skirts,
strawberries, cherries, carousels, clowns, birds, flowers,
butterflies, fireflies, pumpkin pies, seashells bright,
pure white, black moods, nice nudes, colorful dudes,
imagination, inspiration, innovation, creation.
Follow me…I am Leo the Colorman!

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About admin

Leo Monahan is a pioneer of paper sculpture. His works are truly original with each piece being carefully designed and skillfully cut by hand. You could say that as a paper sculptor, Leo draws with his knife and as a paper artist he designs with the talent of an accomplished graphic artist and illustrator. Leo's works are for the most part inspired by his memories of life as young boy at the foot of Mount Rushmore. It was a life peopled with miners, loggers, cowboys, farmers, and the Sioux. One sees in his paper sculpture symbols of elements that surrounded him at that time, especially exotic plants, animals, masks, fishing flies, and wild bird feathers. Leo is unique in portraying these images and evoking feelings with the paper sculpture collage medium. His creations are a blend of Impressionism and Surrealism, and they come together to tell stories.

11 thoughts on “Follow Me!

  1. Happy to see your new blog, Leo. And…I wasn’t aware of Neil Boyle’s passing. I have fond memories of Molly Malone’s and his paintings in the bar.

  2. Leo – this SO makes me smile! To know you is to love you and I love that you are sharing yourself like this!

  3. Great new information, Leo. I really enjoy the instructive aspect of your blog sharing your vast storehouse of knowledge, expertise and experience. In this regard you are certainly not an excrementist!

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