My Indian Summer

Dear Reader,

Indian Summer is defined as a period of unusually warm, dry weather occurring in late autumn, or a period of happiness or success occurring late in life. With my 80th breathing down my neck, I have a one man show, collage classes scheduled with a long waiting list, a couple of lectures on stuff people think I know, I’m healthy, and have a lovely dog.

Feather Color Wheel

This is my Indian summer. I hope my luck lasts, because this is the only game in town, and I’m gonna play it close to the vest, right down to the last “Aces & Eights,” just like Wild Bill Hiccup!

I keep Rosinante, my winged pony, tied up just outside, and I hear her pawing the ground and pulling at the restraints. I never know when I’ll be flown away to my next quest, but I’m ready as ever, and willing to joust with windmills again.

Winged Pony

The soft breezes of my Indian summer, and the hazy red, mountain sunsets, bring back boyhood memories of hot October days, then a cold snap and a huge November snowfall. Indian summer is fugitive, it escapes, and nothing lasts forever.

I’ve been asked, how long will my paper sculptures last? I reply that they will be in landfills for a thousand years, maybe more, if the weather holds.

Feathers in wind

The red feather composition is monochromatic with subtle variations of red orange (the hottest color in the spectrum), with a small amount of green (its complement), to support it and complete the complementary color scheme. Touches of blue are for interest only and only enhance the scheme.

The twelve-tone feather color wheel is painted in full intensity, (the pure quality of color), and is one of many sculptures using eagle feathers as an icon. I am fascinated with the possibilities of feathers as icon, and they were the subjects of my first venture into fine, or personal, art and reflect the Sioux influence on my life.

Carousel Cat

At this time of my Indian summer, I am content as a cat on a carousel. The warm wind is blowing, the leaves are changing to warm colors in a cool forest, and I wake up each morning on the right side of grass…

Thanks for visiting me again…


I’m never content with what I know.
Only with what I can find out.

The Feather Color Wheel is available for $1000.
Two other similar sculptures in the Feathers in the Wind series, are available for $2450 each, at the Grovewood Gallery.

Remember, the Weaverville Art Safari is this weekend!
Come see me and the other artists up on Horseshoe Ridge.

My exhibit is still in its first month at the Grovewood Gallery in Asheville, NC. Click here if you are interested in my collage classes. New classes are being added for January and February.

This is my lovely dog, Stray. Cookie klepto, rabbit runner, and my constant, no-holds-barred, buddy.


5 thoughts on “My Indian Summer

  1. Leo, I love your blog!! Wisdom, color and beauty — what more could one want? And very classy — Can’t wait to meet Stray this weekend. And see your studio! Take care.

  2. Dear Leo –

    I am touched by the rather winsome tone you have sent in this October blog. I love the Winged Pony. Is that new? It’s so unlike your current work.

  3. Hi Leo; Glad to see you are chipper as ever and approach life with such creative zest. Also pleased to see you still creating beautiful art works my friend. You always were a literal cut up and have not changed one bit. Glad you have a good dog to keep you company, looks like you have a definite Pal there. All the best! Paul

  4. Stray, be ever vigilant! Do not get under foot when The Master’s moving those paper weights about.

  5. Leo, Sharon and I visited your studio today and were enriched and educated by seeing your process at closer range. Sharon is inspired and hard at work. I find your journal here wise and fun. You are a hero.

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