Crazy Color Cousins

This Ladybug color wheel shows twelve chroma cousins in full rainbow intensity at an Ikebana class listening to a yellow petal professor.

Ikebana Class color wheel

Ladybugs mix and match spots with spring flowers. They finally settle on fashionable, classic black spots for the summer season.                  

Ladybugs on yellow

Ladybug spots change colors with rhythmic, chromatic autumn concert.
The color competition with the leaves is intense.

Ladybug bones

The merry beetle chroma cousin chorus sings color carols wearing decorative hues. Warm and cool, bright and neutral, and light and dark, all performing in perfect harmony. The soloist sings, “Ladybug sings the blues.”

Holiday Color Wheel

The last Ladybug I saw was a male, stomping around looking for some action.
He was a bad-boy-beetle, tracking paint all over my studio, sporting seven spots for good luck. 
He was a big, spotted lug and I called him “Bady Lug.” It was the only time I ever saw a bug wearing cowboy beetle boots bellowing like a bison.

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only with what I can find out.

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Ladybug color wheel with yellow flower 18×18″ $1000.
Holiday color wheel 12×12″ $800.
Ladybug bones in autumn 32×22″ $1850.






3 thoughts on “Crazy Color Cousins


    my hard reflective dome
    hesitates in a vacant setting
    where are my children?

    my barely more than boys
    paraded out in uniform
    in step to metal tunes
    eyes glazed by brazen promises

    my girls but beauties
    learn lessons without mercy
    lose innocence without permission
    dried tears

    but not always so
    thank goodness

    worries of the world may weigh on me
    mire me down in negative noise
    but i know dreams do come true
    a single simple wish
    can change the color of my spots

    distractions change the seasons

    now ever so careful my ladybug bones rise
    to the irresistible lure of shrubbery
    sparkling under the sugar-baking sun

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