“Unexpected Image” Class

2014 August Leo Monahan Unexpected Image Class Flyer


I have planned a series of “Unexpected Image” classes, limited to 10 adults.

We will start with basic design and composition theory using the medium of collage along with several of my exercises that I hope will enhance your creative results.

I provide all materials, but you might bring your favorite scissors and a notebook…

This first class is basic, and anyone can attend.

Thanks for visiting me…



11 thoughts on ““Unexpected Image” Class

    • Small and intense class yesterday.

      We discussed philosophy as it pertains to design and life.

      We all worked.

      We did not get attached to things.

      We kept our minds open.

      Yesterday’s class was practice for all of us.

      That is key. Show up.

  1. I ADMIRE AND ENJOY YOUR talents and individuality SO VERY MUCH and I would certainly sign up for classes with your instructions if it were possible .. I have worked with design and art projects most of my life and your wonderful style is magical. YOUR classes are something I would REALLY love to try……But ALAS!!!!!!! I am half way thru my ninety-first year of life and mustn’t get into another fascinating hobby at this late hour. I wish you well and I will try to see your work when it is available ….You give such pleasure to the beholder !!!!!! THank you for sharing your delightful art. Frances Gideon

    • Classes will be held next Saturday and Sunday, August 16th and 17th. Noon to 3:00pm.

  2. I have taken two of your collage classes and greatly enjoyed them. I recently found an old broken violin from the 1920’s or ’30’s and would love to use it as “found object” art. Are you going to teach another class that might help me with design ideas?

  3. He began crafting small paper houses and buildings out of junk or trash cardboard.

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    • Hi…who crafted the small paper houses and buildings out of Junk? I’m not sure who you are speaking of…Carty, in your address, must have been my brother, no?

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