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Hello Collage Fans…

I am so pleased when I learn more from my classes than the students do…Yesterday’s “Level I, Unexpected Image, Introduction to Collage” class, held at the Andrew Charles Gallery, was one such success… The participants’ work results and enthusiasm were both outstanding.

The majority signed on for the second in the series of three increasingly advanced classes, that lead to the fourth, a two-day class, Paper Sculpture or “Collage in Dimension”…

Previous students who have taken the first class can also take the second, which comes up on Saturday, Nov. 8th, from 11:30am to 5pm, at the Andrew Charles Gallery in Woodfin. Pizza will be provided for lunch.

To register, call the gallery at 828-989-0111. If you’re interested in Level II, and have not taken Level I, let Carl at the gallery know so we can see about putting together another Level I class.

October 18, 2014 Unexpected Image Level I Andrew Charles Gallery

As a reminder here is what is covered in each class:

Level I — Bold Structure and Basic Design Principles, including Color

Level II — Composition and Color with the theme of ‘Masks’ to coincide with the False Faces exhibit at the Andrew Charles Gallery (Nov 8)

Level III — Storytelling, Composition (continued) and more Color. Also an introduction to Assemblage, or Found Object Art (Nov 29)

Level IV — Two-part Paper Sculpture, or “Collage in Dimension” (Dec 13 and Dec 20)

9 thoughts on “Back to The Classroom

  1. Hi Leo,
    Would you please provide me with the specifics of your last paper sculpture classes?

    Thank you. Glad your first class went so well.

    Jan Zollars

    • Jan…Introductory paper sculpture classes are always about the basics…I demonstrate each basic example and then the class attempts it until they seem to have absorbed the theory and the practice…The first day is only doing basic exercises…the second day is putting some of the basics into compositions and the possibility of symbolism of cut shapes to communicate an idea or tell a story…Learning the art is actually done by practicing on your own, by yourself…forever…leo

  2. Hi Leo, thought of you the other day when I was the Disney Museum, here in San Francisco. I used to know you when I worked at East/West Network, in LA and WED, in Glendale. Glad to see you moved to a neat place and that you are still making a wonderful contribution with your artwork.

    I live in Napa and still am a graphic designer, doing lots of fun stuff-Letterpress and painting, & enjoying life. Take care and good luck in everything you do.

    Diane DeGray

  3. Leo, I wish you weren’t so far away. I would love to take your class. Have you ever considered doing an online class?

    • Online classes are on my horizon, I think…I have to figure out how to lead a collage class when the intention is for the students to teach themselves by exploring the possibilities of ever changing compositions. In class, I talk constantly but only as background while I leave them alone to work on four compositions at the same time…each one different, each with a different or unusual result…leo

      • What a good idea—having your students work on 4 compositions at once. I would suspect it works well for preventing uptight fussiness. I am going to try it, ( since I tend toward both of those traits in my work). Maggie

      • Maggie…so nice of you to comment on this stuff…The four compositions in the basic class, are all 6″ squares…large working areas tend to overwhelm the participants…Each composition must be different approaches to the same problem…It really works…leo

    • Jeff…wouldn’t that be a kick after 20 years…just sign up and show up…as you can see by the photo, white hair and a pot belly but healthy and moving on…great to hear from you…leo

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