Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog, Wants You to Know . . .

Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog, wants you to know that the Weaverville Art Safari is just two months from now. She thinks people come by to see her so she hopes you’ll visit on Saturday and Sunday, October 24-25 2015.

See some of my new work on the new Weaverville Art Safari website:

Speaking in third person, LeoTheColorman has been inspired and in the studio working on two new– actually THREE — series of works created just for the October art tour. The names of the series will be revealed later (hint: one has to do with tattoos).

Go ahead and put the dates on your calendar now and plan to see wild new paper sculpture creations and of course Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog, as she holds court that weekend.

All in all, a great opportunity to see “Art in the Heart of the Blue Ridge.”

Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog

Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog

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7 thoughts on “Stray, the Regal Wonder Dog, Wants You to Know . . .

  1. I’d love to stop by & meet the wonder dog.I really enjoy seeing your work online, but I’m still here in LA . TOO far to visit.
    I hope you remember me, I was in SILA and a good friend of Neil’s and an honorary member of BSWCA.

    Best, Shannon

    • SHANNON…GREAT TO HEAR FROM YOU…I hope all is well there in LA…
      I’m living large here in the Blue Ridge mountains of Western North Carolina…I’ve got Neil’s work hanging all over the house…I miss that guy…and you as well…leo

  2. Just like Shannon, I’m too far to visit the upcoming show. Wish I could see your new stuff. Stay good, clean and keep doing mean work. Tchuess

  3. Looks like Stray put her face and the tip of her tail in Leo’s white paint can! Will Stray get a tattoo?

  4. Too far away as well. I wish you a lot of interested and nice visitors and buyers.
    Wish I could come by.
    Have fun! Your dog looks just fabulous!

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