Preserving Memories

Photos on phones, in scrapbooks and photo albums, movies, television, art on walls and in galleries and museums are all ways we preserve our memories.

Growing up in the depression and World War II, some of the best memories we have were of canning and preserving — the Mason Jars full of every beautiful example of the harvest and the hunt. The steaming kitchens, wood stoves, perspiring women, and the formica tables laden with row after row of glass jars filled with vegetables and fruit held the promise of plenty on the table during the long, cold, Black Hills winters.

I revisit those times by showing you other precious memories, such as, “Preserve October” and “Preserve Ladybugs” and other things that we need to remember.

Preserve October

Preserve October

Preserve Ladybugs

Preserve Ladybugs

Several other preserved memories, such as “Preserve Spring Flowers” will show up in the ever-growing Mason Jar series which you can see during the Weaverville Art Safari on Sat. & Sun., Oct. 24th and 25th. Check out our Facebook page and the official Weaverville Art Safari website. I am #4 on the map. Stop by, and enjoy something from a Mason Jar (no, not THAT!). I think you’ll like what you see and hear.

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4 thoughts on “Preserving Memories

  1. Beautiful! I love these Mason Jars…for us it was Ball jars – just another brand but my maiden name too :) Thanks for this blog post – nice to see what you’re up to!

  2. Leo, you forgot to mention “Ice Boxes.” My father didn’t want get a refrigerator after war (WW2), because ice boxes had real ice for his “Beam” drinks; refrigerators didn’t. Remember the ice man and the ice truck coming down the street. He used to say: “You can’t drink Beam with ice cubes, it’s cruel.” We didn’t get a refrigerator until 1952. That’s when you could get real ice at the market. Nobody ever told him that the real is the same as ice cubes–it comes from the local tap. Tchuess, have a great day.

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