Visit Me at the Weaverville Art Safari Studio Tour Next Fri-Sun (For the non-Facebook Crowd)

Realize that yesterday’s message might not reach everyone. Here is what the Facebook post says:

“Speaking of color, Leo Monahan, aka LeoTheColorman says, “Using only paper, glue, and paint, I make 3-dimensional art that comes alive and takes your breath away. For the past 55 years, I’ve been producing paper sculpture illustrations and fine art for personal, corporate, and government clients, and I’m honored to have my work in the permanent collection of the Smithsonian Institute. When you come by, let me show you how I do it, and be sure to take a look at my collage and assemblage pieces while you’re here: some of it is naughty and some of it is nice, but everything is guaranteed fun.” Oh, the real spiel is at my website.”

Summer Bundle

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