Recently, I had the good fortune to be invited to give a two-hour collage workshop for young cancer patients as part of a continuing series for the Arts For Life non-profit. It was at the SECU at Mission Hospital in Asheville, NC. I say “continuing series” because I certainly intend to volunteer again and again.

I had two girl patients, 10 and 12 years old, two mothers, and three young women, who are Arts for Life staff members. I told them that there would be no observers, all had to participate in the workshop.


They worked side-by-side doing this level of design exercises for the first time, adults and children working at the same level, all doing basic collage, with similar, different, and quite exciting results. They were quiet and intense artists in the moment. Two hours passed quickly, and they were delighted with their results.


One mother said that this was something that she and her daughter could do together. I told her she was absolutely right, that I didn’t have to be with them! They have all they need — old magazines for the images, scissors, glue sticks, and cardboard working areas. Kitchen table art time, together, between therapy treatments and living life.


I have great affection for the work I do as an artist. Process is the reward, and passing on to children this affection for making art is the real payoff. That is why when I facilitate workshops for adults, I say leave your children at home; they are better at this than we are!


Thanks again for visiting me …


P.S. I have an exhibit at the NC Arboretum this summer. It will be up from July 16 through September 17th. The Lego exhibit will also be there.

P.P.S. My series of three workshops continue to attract participants. Stay tuned for the next series schedule.
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This just in from the June 30 Arts for Life newsletter: To subscribe to the newsletter, just send an email to info at artsforlifenc[dot]org.

12 thoughts on “Affection

  1. wonderful art! wonderful deed! leo,you still are doing something very special and making a difference. bravo!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s a wonderful feeling helping people. I’ve been involved with helping people over the years, and receiving great pleasure from it. First as a teacher, and now as a volunteer for our little community here in Germany. My wife and I are involved in helping a refugee Syrian family integrate into the German society. A lot of surprising things come out of the unknown, which help and teach us about other lives and personalities. Luv to all and keep the faith in helping others. It is what brings us all together. Tchuess, GR

  3. Leo,
    The words I’m thinking of…outstanding….exceptional….meaningful
    and yes, affection…all relate to this. The mother and daughter being able
    to do this together…says it all. So important. Brad & DeeDee

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