More Affection

Thanks to all the folks who commented and contacted me about the last blog post.

Good news has been surrounding me and in these days of notta lotta good news, it’s nice to experience it.

I recently wrapped up a fun series of classes. They are a lot of work and still energize me. You can learn anything from anybody at any time. This photo is from the July 9th Level III class, which focuses on assemblage, found object art, and art in boxes.


The group exhibit at the NC Arboretum has been viewed by quite a few locals and out-of-towners. On top of that my paper sculpture sales have been bloomin’, simply bloomin’! I am there every Saturday between Noon and 3. If you visit, be sure to look at the LEGO sculpture placed all over the grounds. A huge praying mantis and a bald eagle are very close to the Education Center building where I am.

This month there is an interesting The Laurel of Asheville Shadows and Color Exhibit article about the exhibition.

Shortly they will interview me for their blog.

This morning I had another fun Art Connections tour. This was a gift that a family gave their mother for her 95th birthday, which was today. She painted, and she was in awe and curious about how I do color. She said her secret to staying vital is to be positive.


On August 11th, I’ll be down in the River Arts District reading five haiku poems I wrote for a friend and artist at Broken Road Studio. Here is just one of the latest batch:

Warm and cool colors
A white canvas comes alive
Painter’s fantasy

I am preparing for my next Grovewood Gallery exhibit in October. It will be made up of all white-on-white artwork which will certainly add contrast to their dark grey walls.

Yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, three pieces sold from the studio. The last piece from the ‘I Dance Alone’ series found a home in Texas. The last one to sell was, “Keep Your Damn Job, I Dance.” Better get back to work.

Thanks for visiting with me …


9 thoughts on “More Affection

  1. Beautiful show Leo. So glad our niece Jen decided on the piece she wanted. I still have my eyes on one piece 😉 BTW .. Can I have your assistant Nancy’s contact information?
    Keep cool. Sandy

    • Your niece should be happy with the selection. It’s a nice one.
      Nancy can be reached at 828.989.7855.

  2. Good to see you are doing well my uncle. I am glad you have been teaching and doing shows.

  3. Great to hear things are popping up roses for you, my friend. Great pic of you with the lady in blue. I’m looking forward to seeing the “white series”… you know how I love those best of all.
    Cheerio, Patrice

  4. I saw your work at the Arboretum. Haven’t ever seen anything like it. Thanks for bringing color to the world.

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