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Leo Monahan is a pioneer of paper sculpture. His works are truly original with each piece being carefully designed and skillfully cut by hand. You could say that as a paper sculptor, Leo draws with his knife and as a paper artist he designs with the talent of an accomplished graphic artist and illustrator. Leo's works are for the most part inspired by his memories of life as young boy at the foot of Mount Rushmore. It was a life peopled with miners, loggers, cowboys, farmers, and the Sioux. One sees in his paper sculpture symbols of elements that surrounded him at that time, especially exotic plants, animals, masks, fishing flies, and wild bird feathers. Leo is unique in portraying these images and evoking feelings with the paper sculpture collage medium. His creations are a blend of Impressionism and Surrealism, and they come together to tell stories.

Rhythm of Color

The Asheville Airport Art Gallery has just installed eight of my paper sculptures. This is a repeat opportunity for me to exhibit in this small, but significant venue. Gallerists talk about foot traffic being an important measure of a successful gallery. This gallery is placed so that everyone walks past to board flights or to get their luggage on the way out. As I read it, that’s 100%.

Since my moniker is leothecolorman, the work seemed to fit their theme, “Rhythm of Color.” These three pieces are typical of my bashful use of color. Here they are.

Twisted Horn Bundle

Twisted Horn Bundle

Feather Color Wheel

Feather Color Wheel

The Big Liar

The Big Liar

The Big Liar comes from a series of flies done for the Museum of Idaho.
I wrote a Haiku for each of them.

The catch of my life!
It grows larger by the hour.
My friends avoid me.

Git thee to the airport. Fly somewhere then come back for your belongings…You will walk past the gallery. Go meet flights just for the fun of it and wander into the show. Have you ever been to the Asheville Airport Art Gallery? What are your thoughts about art in the airport?

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Excrementism is a word from my fornicabulary. It fits a recent situation involving a commission.

I got a call from an exec of the annual Orchid Society Show at the Arboretum, in Asheville, NC. She asked if I would make some paper orchid sculptures for exhibition at their show.

I thought, sure, why not, beautiful flowers are right up my garden alley. I was busy with other work, so I had a couple of weeks to think about it.

Paper sculpture orchids, for orchid experts? I didn’t think so. They would pick them apart, gleefully pointing out dozens of my mistakes in every pretty paper petal, pistil, and palette.

It had all the makings of an artistic disaster. I wasn’t about to make my sorry ass, realistic paper images of Mother Nature’s floral glory.

Excrementism. Not knowing sh*t about the subject.

So I decided to make my own paper blossoms, based on Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements, giving the “experts” nothing to criticize. First was Orchideco. Silver and gold, minimal color on sharp angles, and geometric pattern decoration.


Orchideco $2250.

Orchideco went reasonably well, though I struggled with the concept, but I knew Orchidnouveau could probably be a lot more fun. Organic shapes, a butterfly with hands, flowers and other goofy looking stuff. Painting color combinations is when a lotta fun took place in the process. No chromatic holds barred, I used all 64 crayons in my toy box, including black and white.


Orchidnouveau $2250.

I am an excrementist in other parts of my makeup, I don’t know sh*t aboutalotta things. Think about it, excrementism seems to be a movement that has gone viral, especially in politics, and excrementism could be a huge third party. Great bumper stickers and novelty toilet tissue.

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The Weaverville Art Safari, Art From the Heart of the Blue Ridge, studio tours is on Saturday & Sunday, May 2 & 3, 10am-5pm. The preview party is on Friday night, the 1st, at the Weaverville Town Hall, 30 S. Main Street from 7:00 – 9:00pm. It’s $10 per person, with $5 raffle tickets for door prizes, and a cash bar (beer and wine).

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