Serendipity = Happy Accidents … 1st iTunes Podcast & Last Week of “Shadow & Color”

You never know who you will meet during an exhibition, an open studio tour, at the taco truck, or in a class.

One of my artist students, Meredith Adler, recently launched a podcast, and it has been wonderful to be part of the launch.

I heard she needed a logo for her website and iTunes so I did some rough sketches and sent them off to my design partner and friend from Chouinard, John Otto. With lighting speed, John created something unique.

The podcast experience, which was a first for me, was illuminating. Meredith came by with two associates, and the four of us sat around with two of us hooked up to mics. It was fun and you know what I say, “If it’s not fun or funny, I don’t do it!” I was able to do a lot of exaggerating because I’ve forgotten so many details.

It was fun to sketch the LOCAL HEARTED logo, and it reminds me of how much I enjoy collaborating on that process. John Otto is one terrific designer.

Do check out Meredith’s LOCAL HEARTED podcast launch. She put a lot of diligent effort into creating a high-quality product. She even included a link to the website of my friend and business partner, Murray Garrett. This is a quote from his website, “Garrett worked with and personally interacted with celebrities in the worlds of show business, sports, politics, the arts and sciences…a list of which would even turn fellow Brooklynite Larry King green with envy.”

A note about the LOCAL HEARTED podcast: you can subscribe to it through the iTunes Podcasts app.

I mentioned earlier that Meredith is an artist. She works in Oil Pastel with Gouache. You can see her work at her blog, Paint Like Nobody’s Watching.

Here is a special reminder to local friends who enjoy the Arboretum. This is the last week of the “Shadows and Color” exhibit. It is in the Education Center. I’ve spent quite a few Saturdays there, and met all kinds of people. This past Saturday, a young admirer told me my work was “not bad.” Guess I’ll keep at it. So it’s on to the next project. I am doing some white-on-white work.

Click here to read an article in The Laurel about the exhibit at the Arboretum, then put it on your calendar for this weekend! Maybe I’ll see you there on Saturday. Here is a photo of one of the $300 11x 14 sculptures in the exhibit. It’s called “Found at Washita.”

Found at Washita, 11 x 14, $300

Found at Washita, 11 x 14, $300

Serendipity: “Luck that takes the form of finding valuable or pleasant things that are not looked for.”

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Rhythm of Color

The Asheville Airport Art Gallery has just installed eight of my paper sculptures. This is a repeat opportunity for me to exhibit in this small, but significant venue. Gallerists talk about foot traffic being an important measure of a successful gallery. This gallery is placed so that everyone walks past to board flights or to get their luggage on the way out. As I read it, that’s 100%.

Since my moniker is leothecolorman, the work seemed to fit their theme, “Rhythm of Color.” These three pieces are typical of my bashful use of color. Here they are.

Twisted Horn Bundle

Twisted Horn Bundle

Feather Color Wheel

Feather Color Wheel

The Big Liar

The Big Liar

The Big Liar comes from a series of flies done for the Museum of Idaho.
I wrote a Haiku for each of them.

The catch of my life!
It grows larger by the hour.
My friends avoid me.

Git thee to the airport. Fly somewhere then come back for your belongings…You will walk past the gallery. Go meet flights just for the fun of it and wander into the show. Have you ever been to the Asheville Airport Art Gallery? What are your thoughts about art in the airport?

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