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Hello Collage Fans…

I am so pleased when I learn more from my classes than the students do…Yesterday’s “Level I, Unexpected Image, Introduction to Collage” class, held at the Andrew Charles Gallery, was one such success… The participants’ work results and enthusiasm were both outstanding.

The majority signed on for the second in the series of three increasingly advanced classes, that lead to the fourth, a two-day class, Paper Sculpture or “Collage in Dimension”…

Previous students who have taken the first class can also take the second, which comes up on Saturday, Nov. 8th, from 11:30am to 5pm, at the Andrew Charles Gallery in Woodfin. Pizza will be provided for lunch.

To register, call the gallery at 828-989-0111. If you’re interested in Level II, and have not taken Level I, let Carl at the gallery know so we can see about putting together another Level I class.

October 18, 2014 Unexpected Image Level I Andrew Charles Gallery

As a reminder here is what is covered in each class:

Level I — Bold Structure and Basic Design Principles, including Color

Level II — Composition and Color with the theme of ‘Masks’ to coincide with the False Faces exhibit at the Andrew Charles Gallery (Nov 8)

Level III — Storytelling, Composition (continued) and more Color. Also an introduction to Assemblage, or Found Object Art (Nov 29)

Level IV — Two-part Paper Sculpture, or “Collage in Dimension” (Dec 13 and Dec 20)

New! Collage & Paper Sculpture (Basics) Classes

The last time I blogged I said I would soon be teaching a series of “Unexpected Image” classes.  Due to increased interest, this series will lead up to a two-part class on the basics of Paper Sculpture.

A book you might consider having if you want to study collage is The Collage Workbook, How to Get Started and Stay Inspired. It is published by Lark, which used to be in Asheville, where I live. The author is Randel Plowman. I got my copy from Amazon.

Another very good reference book is New Creative Collage Techniques from North Light Books. The author is Nita Leland.

Abstract:  Levels I, II, & III – Elements of Design Through Collage & Level IV – Introduction to, and Practice of, the Techniques of Paper Sculpture.

The first class will build bold structure and introduce basic design principles.

The second class will have ‘Masks’ as a theme to correspond with the False Faces exhibit at the Andrew Charles Gallery. This is where subject matter and composition enter the picture.

The third class will focus on collage as a storytelling technique. This class will also weave together previously taught and brand new concepts. Assemblage and found object art will be introduced.

Finally, the fourth class will be the basics of Paper Sculpture. For this class, students will need to bring their own supplies – knives, cutting surface, paper and work boards. I will give you a supply list ahead of time. It has been years since I taught Paper Sculpture in Asheville, and from experience I can say this course will be a better experience only after the completion of the first three levels.

Level I      Saturday, Oct. 18
Level II     Saturday, Nov. 8 (Theme is ’Masks’ to correspond with the current exhibit      at the Andrew Charles Gallery, False Faces.)
Level III    Saturday, Nov. 29
Level IV    Sat., Dec. 13 — and — Sat., Dec. 20

      * * * * *

All class times: 11:30am – 5pm

Each class has the previous class(es) as prerequisite(s).

Andrew Charles Gallery
60 N. Merrimon Ave., #105
Asheville, NC 28804

Levels I, II, & III:     $95 each (no charge for off-beat humor)
Paper Sculpture:   $190 for the two-day class (no charge for weirdness)

Class size is limited to 10 people. Call the Andrew Charles Gallery at 828-989-0111.

Directions (not found with GPS):

The gallery is close to the Woodfin YMCA at Exit 23 (Woodfin) off of 26.
After taking Exit 23, cross Merrimon (or Weaverville Highway, if that’s how you know it) and drive up Senator Reynolds Rd.
Stop at the four-way stop sign, and after driving through the intersection, look for the Andrew Charles Gallery in
the first building on your right. It has a green awning.
The Andrew Charles Gallery is in the Shops at Reynolds Village up the street from the Thirsty Monk, and across the street from The Knitting Diva and Studio B framing.
Call the gallery at 828-989-0111 if you need help finding the location.